Neem Oil for Pest Control

by Melissa on February 8, 2012

Neem oil has a lot of uses for both humans and pets, and is widely known for its ability to repel pests. With history dating back 3-5000 years ago to India, neem oil has been used in cosmetics, greenhouses, and as an Ayurvedic medicine. Neem comes from the leaves, bark, and natural oils of the neem tree, and is a wise organic choice when it comes to pest control in pets, and also benefits the immune system, and skin and coat health.

Neem oil is a wonderful pest repellent thanks to the terrible odor of the oil. If you use it, prepare to smell something disgusting! recommends adding 1/2 ounce per eight ounces of shampoo when using as a flea or tick shampoo. The oil can also be mixed with water for use as a flea and tick spray. The spray can also be used on the pet’s bedding to keep fleas away. Neem leaves and turmeric have been documented for use as a mange remedy in dogs.

These methods should not be used on cats. Neem oil should not be left on the skin of cats as it can be ingested, but it is safe to use as a shampoo that is rinsed off. Because of the poor smell of neem oil, it is often mixed with other oils, like tea tree, to make it smell better. Many essential oils (including tea tree) is not safe for cats, so it is best to purchase 100% pure neem oil and add it to the shampoo mixture.

Neem oil should never be used without being diluted, as the oil is strong. It can be diluted with water or oil (almond, olive, sunflower). When purchasing neem oil, make sure it is from a reliable brand and that it is certified organic. Some products state “with neem oil”, when in reality the concoction is filled with toxic chemicals. Always read labels for safety, and ask a holistic veterinarian if neem oil is something that you want to try with your pets.

Have you used neem oil before? Would you consider using it?

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This article was written by My Pet Saving’s contributor Melissa. She has a master’s degree in creative writing, owns several pets and runs her own online pet magazine. To learn more about this author check out the contributor profile page.

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