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by Melissa on December 22, 2011

The recent chicken jerky health scare has many pet parents on edge about what kind of treats are safe for their dogs. The FDA warned that these jerky treats were associated with treats made in China, according to reports from veterinarians. When searching for dog treats, many brands can be deceiving when it comes to where they are made. This is a problem due to lax regulations in some countries. Here are some dog treat brands that are made in the United States and are healthy, too!

Zuke’s: Based in Durango, Colorado, the Zuke’s brand boasts wheat, soy, and corn free treats, and their chicken and beef sources are from the US, where the treats are made. Not only that, the Mini Bakes Biscuits and Superfood Biscuits are made in a facility that runs on wind power only. The Z-Filets are one of Zuke’s popular chicken treats, but also come in beef and venison. They also have treats for cats.

Kona’s Chips: Kona’s Chips is a treat company that is “produced, processed, and packed” in the US. This company was started after a six-month old pomeranian named Kona became ill from eating imported, dried, chicken jerky treats. Kona’s Chips treats are made from USDA chicken breasts produced in California. For $1 each, free samples are available with free shipping (2 samples per household). Kona’s Chips has a variety of other treats as well that are also made in the USA.

PureBites: PureBites has treats for dogs and cats, which are made in the USA or Canada. Each treat variety includes just one to three ingredients. Chicken, duck, beef liver, and trail mix varieties are “100% Pure USDA Inspected”. Each “pure bite” has between one and twelve calories per bite, depending on the treat variety.

Many dog food brands also produce treats that can be trusted. Canidae and Felidae products are produced in the US at USDA inspected facilities. Many of the meats they use are free-range, and produced without hormones or antibiotics. Halo Pets is another brand of pet food that makes quality treats. The Liv-A-Little protein treats are made with freeze-dried meat chunks only.

When it comes to feeding treats, the most important thing to do is read the label carefully, look for quality ingredients and see where they are made. If manufactured treats are still a concern, making treats at home is another option for pets.

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This article was written by My Pet Saving’s contributor Melissa. She has a master’s degree in creative writing, owns several pets and runs her own online pet magazine. To learn more about this author check out the contributor profile page.

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