*HOT* Get 8 FREE Friskies Cat Food Cans From RecycleBank!

by Kristy on April 7, 2011

This is an awesome deal, right now you can get FREE Friskies Canned Cat Food from RecycleBank!

What is RecycleBank? RecycleBank is a great website that encourages people to reduce, reuse and recycle. Not only does it contain a lot of helpful information, but you can earn points and redeem them for amazing free coupons or other offers!

Today they have their coupon for 2 FREE cans of Friskies cat food on sale for only 10 points each! You can order 4 coupons per day, so that means you can get 8 FREE cans of cat food from the coupons they deliver to your home!

Here is a quick way to earn some points so you can get your 8 FREE cans of cat food:

-Sign up for RecycleBank (This is my referral link, I will earn points BUT I plan to give away some of those lovely FREE cat food coupons to some of my lovely readers and their pets!)

-After you have signed-up, click on the “Earn Points” tab, there are various offers listed to earn points.

-Click on “Partners in Purpose” offer and click on “skip to quiz” answer the 3 quiz questions (they don’t need to be correct answers) at the end click on the screen an you will earn 25 points!

-Then click on “Green Your Home Challenge”. This will take you to a section where you will click on either the “kitchen” or the “living” room. Then click on the [+] signs in the picture, when it says “click here to redeem points” click on the screen and it will pop up saying you have earned points. Exit that screen and click on all of the options in the room until you have earned the max amount of points possible.

-You can also take the Aveeno Pledge Challenge, follow the prompts to earn more points.

-Get Your FREE Cat Food! Click on “Earn Rewards” then scroll down and under “Daily Deals” there is the Friskies Cat Food Coupon. Type “4” in the Qty. section since that is the max you can redeem per day.

-That’s it, you will receive 4 coupons for 8 FREE Cants of Friskies Cat Food in the mail, coupons don’t expire until 12/31/11!

It is super easy to earn points on RecycleBank by completing short surveys, answering questions, recycling old electronics, referring friends and if it is offered in your area you can even earn points for recycling! What are you waiting for, get your free cat food today!

Don’t use Friskies? Donate to an animal shelter!

Happy Pet Savings!:)