Purina Kitten Chow: Coupon for a FREE bag!

by Kristy on May 3, 2010

It is being reported that the SmartSource coupon insert from this weekend’s Sunday paper has a coupon for a FREE bag of Purina Kitten Chow (16-18oz, up to $2.19 value)! Did you receive this awesome coupon?

Happy Pet Savings! :)

Thanks for sharing, Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free?!

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Heather Lewis May 4, 2010 at 1:04 PM

I have a cattery, would like free kitten care bags, 4 kittens due next month.

wanda bentley December 8, 2011 at 1:51 PM

i do not get the sunday paper but i would love to have a cupon. I have a mature and a young cat and they both love the purina kitten chow. I often tease that they are pot belly pigs hid in cat skin they eat like them. If there is not chow in their boul 24/7 they will howl like they are starving till you put some in there. Then all is right with the world again and they will go lay down. I had and operation and am now out of work and they didnt have any chow for two days.(they did have other food) I finally had to call a friend to bring me some chow before they drove me crazy. They do not care about water electricity rent or none of the little stuff. Just their chow. If there is chow there is peace.

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